Rules of conduct for Lean Agile Coffee

To ensure that our gatherings provide maximum value for all participants, we have created some rules of conduct that we want everyone to follow:

Only pre-registered participants are welcome (this is to ensure that the group is sufficiently large and that we can hold an effective meeting - if you have not pre-registered for this time, pre-register for the next one before it gets fully booked!).

We start and end the gathering at set times but invited participants are free to join later or leave early if necessary - but we do so without disrupting the gathering.

We welcome everyone regardless of their level of experience in the field and aim to give all participants equal space.

Together we set the agenda through democratic voting.

We stick to the topic at hand. Any side discussions can be added to the list for discussion at a later meeting.

We only allow one person to speak at a time and ask the moderator to speak instead.

We encourage constructive feedback for everyone's learning and development.

We discuss topics with the aim of spreading knowledge, experience and ideas on the topic in question (thus refraining from discussing topics that are highly opinionated, such as politics, religion, etc.)

The moderator reserves the right to terminate discussions that he/she does not consider constructive or on-topic.